Play as Allen the Alien as he tries to escape his space prison! Allen loves to eat, but is cursed with a insanely fast metabolism. When he eats, he instantaneously plumps up, but on the other side he can pump ze iron for instant weight loss. Can you solve the puzzles and help Allen break from prison?

  • WASD - Move
  • E - Interact
  • Q - Use Item
  • Space - Jump
  • R - Reset Level
  • Escape - Pause Menu

A game by CarbsAddict: (aka CarbsCode and SystemAddict) for Global Game Jam 2022

Current Bugs:

  • Audio isn't mixing correctly in HTML5 version.
  • Random bug on death and respawn with crazy physics and duplicate players (Just hit escape and reset)
  • Currently only two world doors available (0 and 1)
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsSystemAddict, CarbsCode
TagsGlobal Game Jam

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